Today’s feature artist is Andrea Pyman-Verangu. See Andrea’s new paintings and her comments below about her works.

“I live and paint in Prince Edward County and I’ve been working in pastel for about  five years.   At first I might only complete a half dozen pieces per year and now it’s likely closer to 40 or 50 pieces.   There is definitely something to be said for more time at the easel as I keep learning as I go.   I’ve also been very fortunate to have learned from a number of accomplished pastel artists through classes and workshops.   I was first introduced to the medium by Rosemary Simpson when I found her at a fall studio tour.  Since then I’ve been fortunate to take workshops  with some wonderful pastel artists…Sharon Fox Cranston, Teresa Saia, Lyn Asselta, Trish Acres, Christine Camilleri, Kim Martin, Gail Sibley and Jessica Masters.  I’m a member of Pastel Artists of Canada, which has also introduced me to many friends who share my pastel passion.

I thought I would present a couple of somewhat contrasting pieces in this blog and speak about my focus.  I really do attempt a pretty wide variety of motifs.  This year I did a series of china tea cups, among other still lifes, lots of water and waves, my dogs and of course the beautiful county landscapes that surround me.  I ended up choosing two landscapes….well one land, one water.

This first one is part of a wave series.  I love painting water, seeking to capture the movement, the fluidity, and also the luminosity.   I live on the shore and probably half of my reference photos end up being watery scenes.  What makes this piece successful for me is the movement.”

andrea2 pic   “Dive In”   soft pastel

“This next one is a picture of my front yard in early morning in late September…..just when the dew is glistening and the shadows are very long.   I suppose both of the paintings are about the light, in the first coming through the wave and the in the second through the tree, but I see quite a contrast in how I approached it.   This second piece is much looser and the mark making is rougher.  I also managed to resist the temptation to blend…..or at least to only blend with the pastels themselves.  I love the way the warm and cool colours set one another off in this piece.”

andrea3 pic “Morning Mist”  soft pastel