“Whether I’m in my studio painting or at my life drawing session or just watching the sunset….I’m always thinking about how I would paint or
draw something I’m seeing. I’ve been doing a lot of painterly realistic work lately and will probably get back to my “loose landscapes” soon. They can be fun to paint, because they are more abstract and I try to get my ideas down quickly, on the other hand, I must concentrate more on technique in my realistic work. It’s all a challenge…but drawing is the most important discipline for me since it’s the “bones” of good painting…even abstract work”
I did a lot of work during the winter (thanks to my new heating system) and will be painting more in the summer months in preparation for the Art Tour…never a dull moment!
Drop in to my studio (#3370) anytime to see what’s new, I’m there by chance or appointment. I do commissions too!”
From left to right:
White Pines, The Last Morsel and Gilberto
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