Beginning as a watercolourist, I am now enjoying the process of monoprinting.
                 A monotype is essentially a printed painting. It is spontaneous –  combining printmaking, painting and drawing. Only one unique print is made from each pressing. The effects are amazing – washes, lines, and multi textures. I use watercolours, crayons, fabric dyes, inks and botanicals in my monoprints.
                 My background in watercolour painting continues today with outdoor painting or ‘Plein Air’. You have to be quick as the light changes and the clouds roll in then the wind picks up! But I love to paint quick and loose. If I like the feeling of the sketch, later I will make a larger painting or monoprint.
                  I am a fine art graduate of OCADU and am currently an active member of the Don Valley Art Club in Toronto. I exhibit regularly in several annual art shows in and around the GTA.
                    This year I am a proud to participate in the 10th Anniversary Rednersville Road Art Tour. My host (and good friend!) is artist Susan Moshynski – By the Bay Art Studio – 3370 Rednersville Rd.
Hope to see you there!
   Yellow Susies and Blue Cornflowers by Theo   Yellow Suzies and Blue Cornflowers
 Bluffs by TheoCanola Field by Theo
        The Bluffs                                                    Canola Field