Jeff Keary

Art on Silk

116 Barley Road

Visitors to my studio are always welcome to try their hand at silk painting…come and have a go!

I have titled some of my pieces ‘Freedom and Contol’, referencing the balance between free painting and that which is controlled. Silk paint has a tendency to spread, but it can be controlled in various ways, allowing an image to be created.

Much of my work is influenced by the kind of lines one sees on oscilloscopes, such as earth quakes or nuclear explosions. Lines found in stock market reports, weather forecasts or even heart monitors also inform my endeavors. I like to think of these lines as ‘significant lines’.

I am trying to create a wearable art that whilst remaining a decorative and functional article, actually has some artistic credibility. My work is painted like a painting, though usually on the horizontal, which has its own challenges and hazards. Silk painting might appear a gentle relaxing medium, but the truth is quite the reverse, silk painting is an unforgiving mistress who does not suffer fools gladly.