Terry Hart

Encaustic Artist
Guest Artist of Jeff Keary at 116 Barley Road




My art was originally inspired by my beautiful surroundings in Muskoka.  I discovered very quickly the artistic endeavour allowed the artist to see their world, and appreciate the richness of the colours and hews that surround us every day.  In 2005, after many years of working with oils, I was introduced to and fell in love with the process of creating Encaustic Art.The process used in creating Encaustic Art, itself became my inspiration.  I love the smell of the melted beeswax, and the uniqueness and variety of effects that can be achieved using a wide range of tools. The process is both playful and joyful, and the media itself always offers a unique sense of exploration.Upon retiring to Belleville, I have become re-engaged with Encaustic Art , as my surroundings continue to cause me to ask…how can I capture that mood/ beauty, image, or sense through a flow of wax?