Dona Knudsen


Guest artist of Iris Casey


18 Carriage Lane

Artist Statement: I work primarily in watercolours finding my subject matter in nature. I love colour, but texture and line are also strong components of any piece I create. I consider my work to be impressionistic in style, as I am more concerned with the impact than the details. My work has become more abstract in the past years as it gives me more opportunities to express my emotions and inner life. However, the work still contains representational elements that I hope engage the viewer.

I have been working on a series of watercolours which explore organic shapes and textures found in nature. They represent growth, potential and hope, something I think today’s world needs more of. They are a celebration of nature’s energy and spirit and I love painting them. They just grow out of a few strokes on the paper and then I let the water and the paint tell me what to do next. It’s thrilling but also terrifying!

Dona Knudsen