September 3, 4, 5, 2022  •  10am – 5pm  •  Labour Day Weekend

Terry Hart



It was only about ten years ago that I was introduced to the process of painting with fire and wax. After an initial afternoon workshop I found myself craving and taking all the instruction I could locate; this included two terms at The Toronto School of Art; three summers at Haliburton School of Art; a weekend in Provincetown for an international workshop and now multiple on-line courses. The process used in creating Encaustic Art became my inspiration. I love the smell of the melted beeswax, and the uniqueness and variety of effects that can be achieved using a wide range of tools, including irons, blow torches, sculpting tools………etc. The process is playful and joyful. The media always offers a unique sense of exploration as I attempt to both go with the flows while at the same time impose elements of composition and design.