Twenty-seven artists and artisans invite you to view their creations during the fourteenth annual Rednersville Road Art Studio Tour in Prince Edward County. From abstracts to realistic paintings, from ceramics to fused glass, to a wide range of visual art, there is something unique and interesting for everyone.

Corinne Babbitt

Christine Baldwin

Iris Casey

Ruth Canzanese

Florence Chik-Lau

Cindy Conlin

Danuta Cromwell

Patty Djan

Jo-Anne Finegan

Gudrun Gallo

Colleen Green

Esther Grav

Dona Knudsen

Lyne Lusk

Ilona Mayer

Theo McLaren

Susan Moshynski

Tina Osborne

Valerie Podpallock

Nicole Riopelle

Brigitte Rittinger

Kirei Samuel

Ron Sayeau

Jacqueline St. Pierre

Colleen Thomson

Harvey & Jan Tremeer

Susan Typert

Andrea Varangu