Patty Djan

Designer, Jewellery for Kids

The Parsonage Gallery

Washroom Available

1324 County Rd. 3
(Rednersville Rd)

Patty Djan is an interior designer and has been creating GEMMIES Jewelry for Kids for over 20 years. GEMMIES have been the muse for Patty’s interior styling.

Patty’s design secret is to create  well made, thoughtfully designed and inspired Kids Necklaces and Bracelets whilst telling a colourful, sparkly and bold story in beads. GEMMIES incorporate crystal, acrylic, glass and ceramic, beads along with semi-precious stones and pearls in charming arrangements.

Many of the treasured beads used in GEMMIES come from vintage European and Asian collections that have sat quietly for many generations.
GEMMIES are well priced and comfortably sized for kids (recommended ages 4 -12 years), however teens and adults are huge fans of GEMMIES and also wear GEMMIES with PRIDE!

Adjustable GEMMIES Necklaces are finished and reinforced with chain and a clasp for a perfect fit. GEMMIES Bracelets are strung on strong elastic and fit comfortably on child-sized wrists.

GEMMIES items are nicely packaged for gift giving and are ready for all occasions from play time onwards!